Tryout information update:

January 25, 2021 update: Due to the current Provincial shut down no dates have been set for tryouts for the 2021-2022 season yet.  Please stay tuned to our website and Facebook page for updates on when try outs will take place.    

The Starlight synchronized skating teams are hosted by the March-Kanata and Goulbourn Skating Clubs in Ottawa, Ontario.  Starlight skaters come from across the Ottawa area and share a passion for figure skating in a fun and supportive team environment.


Tryouts for the synchronized skating teams are generally held in April.  The season runs from September until early March.  Teams may compete at the local, provincial and/or national level.  Team levels are determined based on the age and skill level of the participating skaters.  It is strongly encouraged that skaters participating in synchronized skating also skate in the StarSkate program to continue to develop necessary skating skills.  Likewise, Synchronized Skating is a wonderful complement to the Skate Canada StarSkate program, allowing skaters to participate and compete in a team environment. 

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